What is Madison Cat Project?

Madison Cat Project began as Dane County Friends of Ferals in 2001. Madison Cat Project is an Adoption Guarantee organization in Madison, WI located on the south side at 627 Post Road. We specialize in indoor and outdoor cat adoptions, Trap-Neuter-Return and community outreach.

When can I visit the cats? When is your shelter open? Can I just stop by?

That depends on which cat you’d like to visit! Our shelter is what we call a “working shelter.” It is not open to the public. If one of our cats is listed as being located at Sly’s Place, you may visit the cat by appointment, but we ask that you do not simply drop in. We are not staffed to be able to handle such visits. Our other cats are in many different locations throughout Madison and in foster homes. If you have a question about visiting them, please email our adoptions team at adoptions@madisoncatproject.org.

What is a feral cat? Are all of your cats feral? 

Feral cats are cats who do not welcome human contact. While we do have some feral cats, the vast majority of the cats who come into our program are not truly feral. You will find information about feral vs. stray cats here. Most of the cats who come to us are simply scared, nervous or shy and just need time to open up. If you have more questions about this, we’d be happy to chat with you. You can reach us by emailing info@madisoncatproject.org.

Are you all volunteers? 

We have over 90 volunteers and our organization is built upon their presence. They work alongside our 6 staff members in many different capacities and we can only do what we do because of them. Our Board of Directors is made up of all volunteers as well.

How much do you charge for your adoptions?

Our Indoor Cat Adoption Fees are as follows:

$131.88 for one kitten (up to 6 months)
$211 for a pair of kittens
$63.30 for one adult cat (1 year or older)
$84.40 for one young adult cat (6 months to 1 year)
$31.65 for a special kitty (FIV, FeLV, etc) or senior cat (7 years or older)

Adopting two cats other than two kittens? The second (lower) adoption fee is 50% off!

This includes all age appropriate vaccinations and a microchip. All cats have been altered (spayed or neutered) and given regular physical examinations by our veterinarian.

Where do you get your operating funds? Do you receive state, county or federal money?

We rely on donations and adoption fees for our funding. We do apply for grants when appropriate, but the vast majority of our operating expenses are paid for through donations from individuals such as yourself. We do not receive any government funding and are a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. If you’re interested in supporting us financially, you may do so here.

I found a cat, will you take it?

The short answer is no. All cats who are found as stray cats should be taken to the Dane County Humane Society for the mandated stray holding period. This ensures the animal’s best chance of being returned to the owner as well. However, if the cat already has an ear tip, or seems quite at home outside, there are a number of things you can do for that cat to make its life better. This is a really great resource to help you determine what you can do for the cat you found.

Will you take my cat?

Madison Cat Project operates a small shelter and we practice what is called Managed Intake. This means we choose which cats we let into our program. We have an intake policy and prioritization model that we must follow. Our first priority is cats who are out of time in other shelters and would otherwise be euthanized. Because of this, we are not often able to take cats from the public. Admissions of public surrenders are handled according to urgency (is the cat in danger, sick, injured, pregnant?) and shelter space/program needs. However, our space and availability changes daily. Please email us if you wish to discuss the surrender of an animal.

Please note that surrenders of owned cats will require a $40 fee. 

Do you ever turn cats away?

Yes. Simply put, we are limited by our resources. We would love to help every single cat that needs us, but that is simply not a reality at present. Because of this, we must allocate our resources to the cats who absolutely have no other option other than our shelter (cats who would otherwise be euthanized if brought to another shelter, or who are already slated for euthanasia elsewhere).

Do you ever euthanize animals?

Yes, however we euthanize only after a veterinarian has determined that the animal is in a state of terminal suffering. We do not ever euthanize for space or behavioral issues. The word euthanasia translates from the greek as “the good death.” While we wish we could save all animals, we do believe that in some instances ending a cat’s suffering with euthanasia is more humane than letting a terminal illness or injury run its course.

What do you think about declawing?

Madison Cat Project does not condone the declawing of cats and our adoption contract prohibits it. If you need a declawed cat, please consider adopting one who has already been declawed. We would love to speak with you about alternatives to declawing and how you can encourage positive scratching behavior in your cats. More info on this can be found here.