Why is Dane County Friends of Ferals becoming Madison Cat Project?

16 years ago, we began as a small operation helping only feral cats, placing them with farmers who were looking for extra rodent control on their farm. Since then, we’ve grown to include friendly and semi-feral cats, spay/neuter services and community education. We have outgrown the name Dane County Friends of Ferals and believe it was time to make the change to position ourselves for the future. We believe changing our name to Madison Cat Project will help us reach new people and save more cats. 

Has your mission changed?

The short answer is no. Our commitment to feral cats is stronger than ever. The best way for us to help more feral cats is to set ourselves up to reach more people. We believe this change will enable us to reach a greater portion of the community in Madison, Dane County and beyond.

While the words in our mission statement have changed, our underlying goals have not. We are still committed to working within the Dane County area to create a no-kill standard for Dane County’s feral cats (and beyond)!

Won’t this make it harder for people to find you if they need help with their feral cats?

No. With a well written website and the proper search engine optimization (along with word of mouth), people will be able to find us just as easily as they do now, if not more easily because of our new website. 

Are you shrinking your geographic scope?

Not at all. We made the switch to “Madison” because we are proud of our community and it is where our operations are based. We will still continue to serve the Dane County area, as well as a number of outlying counties. In the past, having the words "Dane County" in our name presented challenges that we believe we will now be able to avoid. 

So what is changing?

Not much. We have a new name, new logo and a new website. 

Other Questions

Do you have questions we haven't covered here? Please feel free to contact us and someone will be in touch with you.