Acclimation recommendations

In order to increase the chances that your cats will stay on your property for years to come, we recommend the following:

  • The colony’s new home must be located a reasonable distance from heavy traffic or other vehicular dangers, provide shelter from inclement weather, and a new caretaker who understands that he or she is assuming responsibility to feed, shelter, and care for the cats for the rest of the their lives.
  • Housing that provides adequate shelter from the weather is needed for the feral cats.
  • The cats be confined in their new home for a period of 3 – 4 weeks (4 weeks is preferred).
  • Daily visits be made to ensure the bonding essential to relocation.
  • The cats need to be provided fresh food and water on a daily basis during the confinement period as well as afterwards. Establish a regular schedule and the cats will anticipate feeding time.

For more in depth information on this and caring for a feral cat please contact us

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