Our Mission

Saving cats’ lives through community solutions.

Our Vision 

Madison Cat Project aspires to serve as a model shelter and adoption program and strives to educate the community and other organizations on the humane care and adoption of all cats.

Our Beliefs

These core beliefs guide our activities. Madison Cat Project believes:

  • in the Adoption Guarantee that all cats in our care deserve a safe and permanent home.

  • that all free-roaming cats deserve humane care.

  • that an outdoor home is an appropriate adoption outcome for some cats.

  • in educating the public and other shelters to create partnerships to reduce euthanasia of cats.

  • in humanely and efficiently reducing cat overpopulation through targeted Trap-Neuter-Return programs.

  • in removing barriers to adoption.

  • in partnering with other communities to find solutions to their cat population concerns.

Our Strategic Pillars

We have three strategic pillars that guide our decisions.

  1. Create and maintain an Adoption Guarantee standard for cats in our community;

  2. Become a leader in the humane care and protection for feral cats;

  3. Ensure all cats are sterilized, vaccinated and cared for.

We will work toward achieving these pillars through several strategic directives related to financial sustainability, enhanced operations, education and outreach and board governance. In 2016, we created a Strategic Plan to help guide us through our mission and to direct our decisions with regard to our pillars.

Specifically, our strategic plan is broken into these 8 directives:

  1. Financial Sustainability

  2. Programmatic Operations

  3. Human Resources

  4. Education and Outreach

  5. Brand Identity

  6. Population Management

  7. Governance

  8. Long Term Goals

Please contact our Director, Colin, if you would like to obtain a copy of our Strategic Plan and to learn more about what we have in store for the coming years.