Barn Cat Program

Barn cats, sometimes called community cats, outdoor cats or working cats, are a great addition to your rural property! Cats can provide excellent rodent control and, if you'd like, interaction and companionship. 

Would you like to have some barn cats for your farm?  Madison Cat Project is eager to work with rural property owners who are willing to provide a permanent, caring home for our available cats. A farm is an ideal home for cats who prefer not to interact with people and cats who are semi-friendly or friendly but would like to be outdoors. We do our best to match personalities with your requests. If you want to interact with your barn cats, we will try and match you with friendlier cats, and vice versa; if you just want rodent control but aren't interested in interaction, we will match you with cats that fit your needs.

There are many benefits of adopting feral or semi-feral cats from MCP:

  • Our cats are healthy, sterilized, vaccinated, and tested for FeLV.
  • Cats can provide excellent organic rodent control.
  • The “Feel Good” factor: you are directly responsible for saving lives!

Our feral cats are even delivered to their new home! Adoptions for rural cats are no-fee adoptions, but we do have a suggested donation of $15 per cat.

We are a private 501(c)3. Our operating costs are entirely covered by donations.Any amount you feel compelled to give in return for your barn cats is appreciated.

If you are interested in adopting some cats for your rural property, please fill out the questionnaire to get started!